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Client Testimonials

"After suffering with PTSD for many years I honestly believed that terrible flashbacks on a weekly basis was going to be the rest of my life.In 2019 things really came to a head as my workplace was causing me to be in a state of distress 24/7 and it was triggering my PSTD which was maxed out. I had thoughts that I could no longer cope with a life like this, so I reached out to the employee assistance program and my private health care for help, they put me in contact with Emma. Emma provided a course of EMDR treatment with extremely professional support and therapy, soon I was feeling like a different person.Since my treatment in 2019 I have had the odd dip in my mental health, but the therapy I received comes in really helpful in dealing with that.

The amazing thing is zero flashbacks since 2019, something I never believed could be possible having suffered with them for more than 30 years."

"I’ve suffered from vaginismus, I didn’t even realise until I got married that this was an actual condition. Emma has been a huge help in successfully treating me by patiently listening and suggesting ideas to help me have a successful sex life with my husband. She taught and trained me that sex wasn’t a taboo subject, and it can be enjoyable! I’ve realised things about myself that Emma helped me to deal with such as anxiety and trauma from previous years. A year after treatment, myself and my husband have an amazing sex life and even welcomed a little baby boy earlier this year. I highly recommend Emma for therapy and would use her services again in the future if needed."

"Been through a lot of different treatments and therapy for anxiety before but it was through Emma that I feel I really got to the core of my problems. She compassionately got me to confront things I'd avoided forever. I felt understood immediately and most importantly 2 years on feel the most free from anxiety I ever have."

"Emma was really empathic, approachable, and patient throughout our sessions.  She is an incredibly skilled therapist who takes time to understand you and offers well thought-out strategies and suggestions.  She helped me to explore issues in my past through EMDR therapy whilst facilitating me to find a way forward through using CBT strategies.  Her range of skillset is really quite impressive, and she was able to cater to all of my issues really effectively.  She guided me through a really tough time and for this, I always will be grateful."

"I am happy to recommend EMDR therapy with Emma. Used to treat claustrophobia. Worked incredibly well. I was able to go on holiday and travel through Japanese mountains by train without feeling in anyway anxious. Also, despite the claustrophobia relating to a near drowning experience as a child, I became more confident whilst swimming and no longer dwelled on depth of water beneath me. Thank you."

"I suffer from Anxiety which at times was very prohibitive to my life and work.  Emma provided a safe, open, relaxed environment to allow me to engage and work through my condition.  Emma was always respectful, considerate, and professional throughout.  Emma was able to help with specific issues as well as working on the bigger picture and the results have allowed me to overcome many of my issues.  I would highly recommend Emma to anyone."

"I came to see Emma after I was involved in a traffic collision. Before coming to see Emma I had never been to any type of therapy previously. Having the cognitive behavioural therapy helped me to view the collision from a new perspective and increase my recovery rate massively. Emma helped me to realise that the collision was not my fault and later through the therapy sessions Emma tailored the sessions to focus on my worrying and strategies to cope with this."

"I started seeing Emma in October 2020 after giving birth to my first little boy in May 2019. I knew I needed help, but I wasn’t sure what was ‘wrong’ with me. After a few sessions with Emma, I was diagnosed with PTSD after a very traumatic birth. Shortly after beginning with Emma, I found out I was pregnant with baby no 2. I was convinced that I was beyond help and that nothing could help me feel relaxed or in control for any future pregnancies I may have. I was very wrong. I delivered my second Son in July 2021, and it was the most calm, liberating experience and that is thanks to Emma. She helped me find my voice again and helped me realise through my trauma that I do have a choice and voice during my labour and birth. Therapy for me has been life changing and I hope any woman reading this who is suffering with trauma and anxiety knows that help is always available, and it does work."


"I highly recommend therapy and EMDR with Emma, I had been struggling with anxiety and depression to the point where I felt I couldn’t cope, and I was drowning. I was dubious these therapies would work when I started my sessions with Emma. However, having them has changed my life. I feel like I can function in life again and I feel that Emma helped me to get to the route of my problems and face and understand them and helped me with coping techniques for the future. Emma was empathetic, patient, understanding and very easy to talk to. I am no longer suffering with anxiety and depression, and I feel like a new person. I couldn’t have achieved this without Emma and all her help and support. My therapies with her have been life changing. Thank you so much for everything Emma."


"I cannot recommend Emma enough! I had suffered with Vulvodynia for around two years and was losing the hope that I would ever go back to normal life again. It was affecting my social life, my relationship and even my day-to-day activities such as wearing jeans. I felt extremely low and alone and Emma helped me through the tough time I was having. She helped me with coping techniques and various strategies to break my way of thinking. Not only was Emma extremely skilled, she was also very empathetic and patient focused. Emma taught me that sexual health is not a taboo subject and helped me become more open with my partner. I couldn’t recommend Emma enough and would definitely use her services again in the future!"



"I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and I was unsure if therapy would work for me so I was scared to try it, but thanks to Emma and her warm welcome I quickly found myself doing as she said in our sessions and improving my anxiety and depression when I never thought I could. I highly recommend Emma as she helped me so much and I couldn’t thank her enough!" 

"Until I met Emma, I didn’t realize that I had been addicted to porn from the age of 10. My dysfunctional abusive mother decided I was old enough to understand masturbation and armed with a few of her porn mags I had stolen from under her mattress off I went and never looked back. 42 years and 4 divorces later and, having recently met my soul mate, I realized it was time to ditch porn once and for all. With Emma’s support and professional guidance, we firstly identified the key abuse in my childhood before working on ways for me to accept that my mother’s naivety in her lack of boundaries didn’t change the fact that it was paramount to serious sexual abuse. Porn had become an escape mechanism during time of stress and was habitual in my day-to-day life. With Emma’s therapy I found myself, was able to kick porn and am beginning to enjoy a healthy sex life with my soul mate where I can reach orgasm without the stimulus of porn. Thanks, Emma, for freeing me from this nasty degrading habit and I would highly recommend Emma's therapy for anyone with any issues relating to sex or sexual trauma."

"I was at my lowest when I sought Emma's help, dealing with constant suicidal thoughts. I was depressed, and unable to process birth trauma and the injuries associated with it. She helped me process the trauma and recognise underlying issues that I had ignored for a long time. I recommend her without hesitation."

"Thank you, Emma, for the time you spent with us, helping, and guiding us to communicate and understand each other better. The last two years have and continue to be difficult, but you gave us tools and techniques, and the space to talk, and listen. It created in us the hope and desire to continue to work at our relationship and build a deeper connection."

"I am writing to express my delight, amazement and, I must admit, some bewilderment at the results of my EMDR therapy sessions with Emma Mathews. When I started my appointments with Emma, I had no experience and little knowledge of EMDR. I just knew that although talking therapies over the years, decades even, had helped to some extent to address my immediate concerns, they had failed to address the issues that had underpinned my decisions, my behaviour, and my feelings for so long. I was advised to try EMDR and I was so lucky that Emma was able to see me. Emma immediately put me at my ease, not a simple achievement when I knew I was going to explore feelings and events hidden for decades. She then explained clearly what EMDR entailed and sent me home with articles to read, just in case I hadn’t taken everything in. This was very thoughtful because, of course, I hadn’t. Once the EMDR sessions started, I will admit I found them upsetting to varying degrees, but I expected that, and I was really appreciative of the way Emma carefully treated my reactions. She was supportive, sensitive and knew exactly how to steer me through the difficult areas we were exploring. And they were indeed very difficult and very upsetting. So, I was so pleased and utterly mystified to keep finding that the EMDR sessions were working. Time and time again we would tackle a memory that continued to affect me deeply only to find when we returned to it the following session, it had lost all its potency. It was nothing. A piece of history. I cannot convey what this has done for me, I can only say that I now feel liberated from my past, my monsters no longer exist, my triggers no longer work. I feel calm both inside and out. I shall be ever grateful to Emma. Thank you, Emma, for a job so well done!"


"After a traumatic birth in 2022, I was struggling with PTSD symptoms and didn’t know who to turn to for help. After 18 months of hesitation, I reached out to Emma who suggested EMDR therapy. Within weeks, I was feeling like I different person and felt totally different towards my difficult birth experience. Emma has given me the confidence to expand my family one day, which I am extremely grateful for. I can’t recommend Emma enough to anyone that is considering therapy, I wish I had reached out sooner".

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