Who is the service for?

Men & women with sexual difficulties…

Sexual difficulties can be hard to talk about and can also put a strain on intimate relationships. The North West Sexual Wellbeing Service has been established to ensure that clients who come to us with a sexual difficulty experience a smooth, multi-professional approach to care, and are able to access consultation, ongoing appointments, and medical interventions if required from a team of experienced professionals who are able to address and advise on the medical, physical, emotional, relational and psychological aspects of the problem.   

Problems we can treat include…

  • Problems getting or keeping an erection

  • Reaching sexual climax too quickly, or unable to reach sexual climax at all

  • Finding sex painful 

  • Difficultly having penetrative sex

  • Problems with desire and arousal 

Who We Are...

Mr Ash Alam

Ash is an obstetrician and gynaecologist. He has worked as a consultant at Arrowe Park Hospital, Wirral, since 2006 and has a special interest in female sexual health, vaginal atrophy, and menopause. He is experienced in providing gynaecological ultrasound, colposcopy and gynaecological surgery.

Professor Ian Pearce

Ian in a Urological Surgeon. He has worked as a consultant at Manchester Royal Infirmary since 2002 and has a special interest in the treatment of male sexual problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, Peyronies disease and implanting penile prostheses, and female urological problems.

Emma Mathews

Emma is a psychotherapist, trained in psychosexual and relationship therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and EMDR. She is currently employed by the NHS in Manchester as a psychosexual therapist and has a private psychotherapy practice; she has a special interest in sexual problems and trauma. 

What is different about this service?

Frequently when people experience sexual difficulties trying to access appropriate help and support can be a frustrating process, with long waiting times between different services. We realize that your intimate relationships are important which is why we believe care should be easy to access and that once identified you are offered help as soon as possible. 

Often sexual problems seem to be physical, as people experience physical symptoms (e.g. pain or loss of erection). However sometimes there is also a psychological aspect that maintains the problem (e.g. ‘performance anxiety’ or fear). For some people, even if the sexual difficulty is purely physical in nature, the problem may have impacted on the client’s intimate relationship and they may wish to discuss this and be given strategies on how to get things back on track sexually.

Key questions to consider when thinking of accessing the service are - has the problem impacted on my relationship, or made me avoid relationships? Does the problem make me feel anxious, depressed or afraid?   Would I like to talk to someone about this?  

How the service works…

Referrals are regularly triaged to assess which members of the team may be best placed to see the client for initial assessment.The team meet once a month to discuss referrals and care.  If you need to see another member of the team we aim to offer an appointment within the week. 

How can I access this service?

You can be referred by your GP alternatively you can self-refer to the service.  We have pre-referral screening advice which means depending on your symptoms any recommended tests can be completed by your GP prior to referral, this means we can exclude certain reasons for the problem prior to seeing you. If you self-refer we can arrange these tests. 

The team are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Contact details...

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